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Male Edge P

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Male Edge is a tensors mark of penis, revolutionary in the market, to enlarge the penis. Male will surprise you to Edge by a comfortable tension and very effective, he is very simple to use combines high technology in extension of the penis and er...
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Male Edge is a tensors mark of penis, revolutionary in the market, to enlarge the penis. Male will surprise you to Edge by a comfortable tension and very effective, he is very simple to use combines high technology in extension of the penis and ergonomic and functional design.
Male Edge works with its body, Male Edge is designed thinking about the person, all the men are different, and this exclusive product adapts to a penis length less than five up to 27 cm. 
Male Edge  is a patented device of extension of the penis takes advantage of the natural propensity the body for the growth.
Male Edge safe and painless, non-invasive and is demonstrated that it works. In fact, independent clinical studies have demonstrated an increase of 24% average of the penis in length and 19% in the thickness.
The tissue Expansors are used in many types of reconstructive surgery and in medicine the traction efficiency is widely clear to extend the tissue. during centuries the tribal cultures traditionally have extended the parts of the body including their lips, the neck, the lobes of the ear, nose and penis by means of traction in the long term.
But the last studies indicate that it increases the traction in the cellular division, due to the intelligence of Biology: it suppresses an inhibitor of the traction in the organism that tries to stop the cellular multiplication. The traction is applied in the penis during a prolonged period of time, making sure that the cells in all penis are increased.  Uretra , the cavernous and spongy body, cutaneous, muscular cover and fasciae is subject to the proliferation.
The device is placed when the penis is in flaccidity, and it will wear between 4 and 9 hours to the day, doing rests when it is desired, securing a growth of 1 centimeter a month, being this cumulative. It must take it during 4 to 6 months, according to the growth that wishes. And once finalized the treatment, the achieve centimeters will be real and permanent.
In curvatures or deviations there is a correction of 70% of the curvature, and it must use from 6 to 8 months.
How many maximum centimeters I can obtain?
It will depend on the characteristics of each person. Are permanent the results?
Yes, because growth of tissues sustain the results.
With the extension is sharpened the thickness of the stem of the penis?
No. The growth of all is proportional, new tissues are form,… that logically occupy a volume, that  thick the penis.
Before beginning to use Male Edge pro it is very important that you see the video film that will be giving in the use instructions.
1 male edge is already assembled.
2 front dual part. If penis measure more than 12.5 cm long, put the end in the silicone belt in a ribbon. If penis measure less than 12.5 cm long, the belt will be in its original position.
3 base ring.  Separate the front part of tubes. Set the ring round the base of penis.
4 set the CONFORT belt. Set and tight the belt behind the glande. If it is in circumcision, put it in the prepuce or under it.
5 adjust the length of tube.  Turn the tubes clockwise a quarter, pull up to the desired length.
6 Fix the length of tube.  Turn  anticlockwise  up to a “click” sound.
7 Don´t  force the tubes.   In case of it knock out of position, tight it simply up to a click sound.
8 Fit the front part of the tubes. Put them towards your body. Fit the front part up to another click sound.
Stock market with rack for discreet shipment. In his case it would find Male Edge Pro: DvD with video of instructions of positioning and techniques of extension. A measurer to measure the gained measures. 1 Rubber Strap of subjection of peano. United gauzes. 1 Protection, 1 Protective.
It is not a product for minors of 18 years. It maintains outside the reach of the children. With the aim of avoiding traumatisms he is advisable to lubricate them before the use. It is important to maintain a good hygiene and not to interchange them during the sexual game without the use of a preservative, because they could produce an infection. The bad use of enlargers supposes a risk of injury of the nerves or vascular tissues of the penis, with the consequent possibility of causing erectile dysfunction.
Conditions of shipment
There are no restrictions for this product, we can send it all around the world.


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